People are at the core of our business and constitute vital assets.

At OSCR, every individual is called upon to pursue perfection through professionalism, dedication and be a worthy ambassador for the organization.

While the work culture and professional ambience at OSCR encourages teamwork and inspires members to achieve organizational goals. We also recognize the need for the individual to experience growth at a personal level.

While the highest levels of professional ethics, personal decorum, adherence to deadlines, compliance to standards and customer service are indispensable attributes, a great deal of significance is attached to OSCR

OSCR has a rich legacy in nurturing leadership in all facets of activity – exemplified by the significance that we accord to team building and encouraging innovation.

In line with current and long-term growth plans, we are expanding our team and encourage individuals who share the passion for innovation and the zeal to excel, to join the team.

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